Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Peace That Passes All Understanding

The peace of living here on the preservation is an amazing gift from our Creator, until . . . I fight to defend it.  Then I lose that peace and whoever or whatever that prefers confusion incurs my frustration, which is absolutely derisory on my part.  Since I established this blog, I've learned so much about myself . . . and a great deal of it has been insightful, but not necessarily endearing.

I truly enjoy the life I've been given and the plan our Creator has for me, but sometimes I get side tracked, sometimes waylaid, and on some occasions the place gets infiltrated!  I'm not being overly dramatic here at all when I use these terms, nor am I claiming persecution.  It's more right now, of just a matter of spiritual struggles.  Even though I've allowed some ridiculous infiltration in the past, I still believe YHWH will use this place in the vision I saw four years ago.  It's just not going to happen as fast as I'd hoped.  On the other hand, I'm so glad to have some of the big hurdles out of the way and behind me.

This preservation will be a place where the inhabitants will be encouraged to be creative and use their G-d given talents and gifts, but there will be no spiritual compromise.  That is not to say, interpretative differences, as none of us has it all correct.  Spiritual compromise, in my understanding, is agreeing to something to "keep the peace" when it goes against my convictions.  But I've learned, I compromise spiritually, when I become frustrated with infiltration, and forget "the battle is not mine."  I'm not by nature, confrontational, but I will not be controlled.

Since YHWH gave me clear instructions for this ministry, I am not at liberty to just move on to avoid confrontation, and if I allow humans to control this place or me, I lose the blessing and purpose of YHWH.   Some of the stands I've had to take in obedience to His plan were heart-wrenching at the time, but absolutely the right ones.  Other times, I've avoided confrontation to the point, I finally respond wrong, and that's where I have to stop, repent, and redo.

I think the biggest thing I've learned is the revelation that what YHWH calls sin and finds offensive in me, is not what people have judged to be wrong, but upon my repentance according to His definition, the peace that passes all understanding returns and I am restored.

But YHWH said unto Samuel, Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature; because I have refused him: for YHWH sees not as man sees; for man looks on the outward appearance, but YHWH looks on the heart.  History of Holy Scripture

Thursday, September 19, 2013

RIP Stella

Sorrowful Joy / Joyful Sorrow
I would have never thought about feeling both of those emotions simultaneously, but I have.  I've been reminded in my spirit many times over of the passage in the first chapter of Job.
. . . YHWH gave, and YHWH hath taken away; blessed be the Name of YHWH. 

Stella was about the best milk goat I've ever known.  She was always patient with the amateurs who came to visit and wanted to "try milking" . . . as long as you kept the feed box filled.

I was actually expecting her soon demise when I first met her at the auction.  She could have been in the herds and flocks of Cecil B. DeMille's Ten Commandments.  Stella was old when I bought her!  So old as a matter of fact, I was the lone bidder.  She was a beautiful Toggenburg cross, and although stately; was obviously past her prime.  I thought I was literally buying her to live out her remaining days in dignity, with "days" being the operative; but I was blessed to have her for over four years.  I know some people do choose to sell their livestock when they pass the point of positive productivity. Although I don't believe in selling geriatric livestock, nor do I make it a practice to purchase goats in their golden years, there was something about her that just spoke to me.  I couldn't allow that regal beauty to die cast away. or worse . . . be slaughtered.  I'm not a PETA vegan at all, I even process my own meat, but Stella still had more positive productivity in her!

All the way home, I hoped she would live long enough for us to be friends.  I don't make a habit of buying any livestock just to make their last days comfortable.  I can't afford that, financially or emotionally; but as I mentioned, there was just something about her that drew me.  I already loved that goat!  I now know, YHWH was gifting me with a very unique four legged friend.  I got home with Stella that evening and she wasn't overly friendly, but she seemed a little more outgoing than at the auction, so I finished up chores and was thankful for my purchase at minimal expense.

Within a few weeks, her countenance had improved.  She was still old, but definitely asserting herself to be Queen Bee of the herd.  Five months to the day after arriving here in Goshen, she gave birth to twin bucks.  Goats have a five month gestation period, so I never knew if the twins were a gift from the auction pen or Stella made friends with my buck quickly.  We never discussed the indiscriminating details.  Since she gave birth to the first of the herd that year, the first buck belonged to YHWH and I was blessed to be able to gift him to some beginner homesteaders, later that spring.

Stella was an amazing milk goat, and just knew her way around the milking parlor, or I should say, led me around her schedule in the milking parlor.  I felt so thankful that she had lived through the winter and then the double portion blessing of twins.  But that was only the beginning.  She became a part of Goshen, less than a month after my arrival, so her absence is felt by all.  I love all my critters, but everyone on the place, knew Stella and I were tight!  You know the old saying about a dog being man's best friend, well Stella, the goat, was this woman's best friend.

 YHWH had told me last year that Stella wasn't going to be here much longer.  I simply asked Him to not let her suffer.  Her behavior has been changing these past few months.  Her appetite remained good, maintained her cud, but she was just really showing her years.  She was staying to herself, rather than leading the herd.  She was a quality goat with such dignity!  I was giving her extra feed beets and making sure her water was close toward the end, but the morning I saw Hank standing vigil, I knew Stella's numbered days had ended.

Stella leaves quite a legacy.  All of her bucks were good strong breeders, and YHWH used her to bless me with two doelings these last two years, which of course, are part of the herd.  I even have one of the does her second buck threw that first year.  Stella leaves two doelings, a granddoe, and an internet business.

When I started "G-ma's Goatmilk Soap" business, I tried to use a photograph that my Granddaughter had taken of Stella, for the logo.  The photograph would not print with clear definition for the stamp maker, so I drew a simple caricature of Stella, that had to be simplified further.  Stella's illustration is part the registered trademark.  She will have a place in our hearts and bath time for years to come.
 I'll miss Stella greatly, but I was blessed with so much more time and so many more memories than I ever expected.
To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:  Ecclesiastes of Holy Scripture

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Truth vs Tradition

We have all intermingled so much of the two of these, the sorting has become, well practically a religion of it's own!  It's almost as if the aim of some discussions are just to debate knowledge, rather than gain wisdom in truth.  I can't say all of us, but anyone with any history of religious training has received plenty of mix, and even those who were not raised with formal religious training, the mix is in our culture.

I've given a great deal of thought to what I'm to teach the next generations.  Let's face it, synagogue is basically held together with tradition of Talmud, and much of Christianity offers "the law of Pauline grace, as interpreted by each denomination."  One verse in one epistle, instructing the recipients to not judge about feasts and Shabbat has become license to ignore these wonderful blessings from YHWH, as well as ignoring the command to keep them, forever.

For me, it's simple.  If Messiah came and said to ignore the Commandments of our Creator, then He wasn't perfect and He can't be Messiah.  I believe He is Messiah and that He did not teach against the Commandments of Elohim.  If Paul preached a "different gospel" then he wasn't an apostle.  I don't believe he taught against Torah, either.  He's quoted in Acts 24:14 saying:  But this I confess unto thee, that after The Way which they call heresy, so worship I the G-d of my fathers, believing all things which are written in the Law and in the Prophets:  It is my understanding to choose to interpret his teachings as anti-Torah would be the "different gospel" he was warning against!

Now, as to simple celebration without tradition, I find that difficult as well, because special things in an event often do become traditions.  I've realized in my family, the difference between a feast and a regular meal.  This isn't mandated for all who are reading, I'm simply stating a way to make some things "set apart."  In regard to special meals, as in company or celebrations there are two extra dishes that are not served with every day meals, and that is bread and dessert.  Seems the grains are for special occasions.  As I read in Genesis, bread went with the fatted calf when Adonai visited Abraham, so there are special desserts and breads that I serve with the Feasts, pretty much exclusively.  Again, this isn't to establish a new tradition, it's to make the Feast Days set apart from my usual meals.

Of course there is lamb for Passover, but not sacrificed and there is unleavened bread.  Week of matzoh involves unleavened bread specifically, and angel food cake, because it involves no leavening.   The children of Israel were given manna after leaving Egypt and manna is referred to in Psalms 78 as the "food of angels" which has become loosely translated to my kitchen, "angel food!"

I also include various breads and desserts for the other Holy Days, except of course Yom Kippur, which is a Fast.  Every year though, I've baked a Cream Wedding Cake to serve to break the fast, symbolic of course of the Wedding Feast of the Lamb, but this year is different.  I'll be breaking the fast with a myriad of fresh vegetables in gratitude that because of Messiah's death, atonement has redeemed me back to the garden.

The purpose of these Holy Days is not to debate the details and opinions or establish traditions, but to set them apart and focus on our Creator, because He has said to do them forever, for all generations . . . which means, to teach our children.  

Even all that YHWH has commanded you by the hand of Moses, from the day that YHWH commanded Moses, and henceforward among your generations;  Torah of Holy Scripture

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Do What's Not Being Done!

Seems a simple enough statement, right!  Could be understood to mean "do what needs to be done," as well.  The reality is, I heard YHWH tell me this in regard to my service in ministry, and at the time I had no idea what that meant.  I'd already heard that I'd have a ministry like Paul's.  My immediate thought was, "The Bible was already a done deal!"  Of course, I didn't dare say that aloud, but now in retrospect, I see that Paul's letters were simply addressing new believers in areas of misunderstanding.  The books I've written have done the same, and of course; have been interpreted according to the reader's choice.  One daughter confirmed it over and over as she informed me she's read my books and has no clue as to what I am actually saying about relationship with the G-d of Israel!  So, I got that part done!

Paul's letters were to help new believers without a great deal of Scriptural knowledge, but had been inundated with social religiosity, much like what we have in the US.  So, as the book titles and information come to me, I write.  And when media became owned or it became aware to all of us, it was owned, I started a weekly internet publication that includes everything from pure Scripture to teachings to testimonies to political news to prophecy to simplicity to conspiracy theories and agendas.  Meanwhile; I've discovered a myriad of things not being done.

Did you know, I haven't found a Torah Observant follower of Messiah who teaches about YHWH Raphah, and walking in His health without compromise?  So, I do what's not being done.  That isn't to say, no one else is teaching and sharing, but if I haven't come across someone doing it, then my "circle of influence" has not yet been reached.  I do know there are those who trust their health entirely to YHWH.  I also discovered there are a number of commentaries offered on prophecy, so I offer my understanding.  

A new door is opening, in that I'm heading back to the community through some nonreligious venues.  I had no idea the door YHWH was opening when He told me to start some businesses.  I am just at the threshold of this opportunity, but I'm excited, and so far in three different communities, I've been told.  "We'd love to have you on board, we don't have anyone doing what you do!"
Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season . . . New Testament

Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Word to the Wise

As these end of days unfold, and the world headlines seem to be straight out of prophecy, I can see many of these preservations, communities, refuges, sanctuaries, whatever term folks will be giving them.  In keeping in tune with the fact that Torah says there are four kinds of people, Messiah gave the parable mentioning four kinds of soil to illustrate this, I believe we will see that in these communities as well.  I'm going to share a brief bit of insight I've picked up along the way.

Messiah said our enemy would be of our own household, so that means while America is telling the rest of the world how it should be done, our government is exercising more authority over it's very own citizens.  His words of "our own household," would also include those of our "household of faith," and then of course the literal interpretation of  "our own household."   Here's a very simple statement that applies to each of these situations.  It's not to breed distrust, but as we move into a time in which trusting YHWH will not be easy, much less each other, keep this fact in mind.  Be it on a national level, religious, or related, if there has already been a trust issue or breach, don't expect anything better in more difficult times.

I see three types of communities forming.  There will be the organic ones, similar to this, with the goal of utter simplicity.  There will be the more militaristic survivalist type, and the third will be aiming at something along the lines of a permanent "summer camp" with a garden and some entertainment.  Each of these styles of camps will also have two types, and the difference will be of a spiritual base, and those with a Bible base will be labeled as cults.  The refuges of organic simplicity, will be divided between a new age pantheistic belief and Bible literalists, but each Bible literalist community will vary on their literal interpretation.  Picture "Fiddler on the Roof," and the Amish.  Strict in adherence, but very different in interpretation.

The second will also be divided by beliefs, so in one survivalist refuge, you'll find a leader with a gun in one hand and his Bible, with his interpretation; while the other survivalist refuge will be founded by a guy with his firepower and his "self-sufficiency know how book."  There will be a definitely hierarchy.

The third type of communities will also have their similarities, with the marked difference also being of a spiritual nature.  They will, at least for a time, be more mainstream and probably larger in size and attempting to maintain a more socially recognizable order.  I envision this to be a sort of close knit suburbanite thinking.  There will be the communities with a basic secular perspective and those with a more religious foundation.  The "commons area" will be the difference.  In the secular community, the "commons area" will have a club house or gym type atmosphere and the other, a fellowship or study atmosphere.

As you've probably noticed, I've made mention of only three types of people.  The fourth will also be similar, but without the spiritual difference.  There will be those who have not made any preparation, but will remain utterly dependent in "sustained cities" and those who will become the marauders, as seen in the book of Eli; with one exception.  While we are being told to fear the Muslim Mujahadeen, there will be American murauders.  The difference that will be seen in America from what was portrayed in the Book of Eli, is these marauders will still be destructive, but some of them will know Scripture, and thanks to social media, will probably also be able to "name drop."  They'll be more than willing to say what they can, espouse abilities, or appeal to compassion, to gain access into any of the communities and refuges that have made preparations.

I'll close this with Messiah's word of caution, also in Matthew 10:  . . . be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.