Sunday, October 26, 2014

No Mainstream Health Care?

As everyone discusses the changing condition of the world, specifically as it affects the nation in which they live, have we really given consideration to the changes that could be coming?  As I read about folks making their bug-out bags and their next doctor's appointment, I sit quietly and try not to [smh.]  It seems we still have not truly reckoned our words with our actions.  In most conversations I have, especially with those who believe they are watching end time prophecies unfold, there is an absolute disconnect between maintained dependency and preparation of separation.

Society has continued to prop itself up with programs and agencies while loosely connecting just a bit of Scripture out of context, until most of our citizenry seem desensitized to the reality that "tribulation as the world has never known" will in fact include America.  As Messiah said, and I paraphrase, "As in the days of Noah, many will go on with business as usual,  until" . . . the house of cards simply collapses, then what?  This author is guessing, and it's only a guess, that some in the religious know are hedging their bets, so to speak.  I have seen beyond a shadow of a doubt, that some believe they are to remain in mainstream until it does collapse, and then they will head for refuge.  There is every indication that our Creator simply doesn't work that way.  Oh, Scripture says there will be fleeing, but it also says there won't be time to go back for so much as a coat, much less a bug-out bag and GPS to the nearest TO homestead.  There will, undoubtedly, be some who are called to stay and bear witness in the captivity, but they won't be needing a bug-out bag.

It's in the "getting this all together" that we seem to struggle, as a people.  Who will be left to bear witness to the masses?  Who will be led to the mountain refuges?  Who are establishing the refuges?  Who will be deceived?  Who are the elect?  Good questions . . . Profound questions!  Questions that bear need of answer before the time comes!  I know that I know, in being led to establish this place of refuge, I've also been led through some harrowing realities of what I must do to protect the integrity of that in which I've been entrusted!  I've had to face the same harsh reality that Abraham faced . . . some of my loved ones will not be here, and will not be allowed to be here.  Although I will open the gate to whomever Abba tells me to, I will also close the gate to whomever He tells me to.

There are many areas in which the remnant must begin moving away from dependence upon the system.  That is not saying everyone should walk away from their place of employment.  Not at all!  At least not at this time, for many; but that choice will be coming to more than a few, very soon.  One of the big decisions many will face is maintaining employment with the new mandated health care.  When working Sabbath or receiving vaccines are part of the job, it will be time to consider the cost of employment.

For those who are undecided about the line between faith and health care, that line must be determined and established individually before thinking of bringing the mix to any refuge.  Mainstream health care will be a very simple way to monitor the citizens.

And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and YHUH shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him.  the book of James

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Seventy-Two Hours?

Seventy-two hours has been mentioned more than once in reference to bugging out when it all hits the fan.  Interesting, that three days is considered the window of time to find refuge in the event of social collapse.  I would suggest also considering just where one might be welcomed in that three day panic.  Now that the Torah Observant followers of Messiah have splintered into denominations, will unity suddenly supersede the divisions and differences?  I'm going to venture to say, "No."  Oh there will be some divisive details that will fall by the wayside, surely, but there are also some major differences that we should take note of and be sure to compare notes before the time comes.  I've mentioned before thinking there would be various refuges according to these major differences.  As the cares of the world seem to be heightening, I'd like to offer where I stand and would encourage others to do the same, for those who are considering just where they will head, when it's time to bug out.  No sense being surprised once the pandemonium is "official."

If the calamity holds off until 2017, the Sabbath year will not be an issue again for a few years, but if the collapse hits before, the camp is fervently divided . . . Some believe there is no need to observe Shemitah outside of the geographical land of Israel, while others consider it to be figured by their individual arrival to homesteading.  The other two camps are steadfastly divided between this year and next.  Here in the Land of Goshen, I am in agreement with Jonathan Cahn, Israel, and those who are observing this year as Shemitah.  I'll have no garden this coming spring.  As it turns out, this year is also my seventh year on the homestead, so I'm also in agreement with those who are keeping Shemitah outside of the Land, based upon their individual homesteading date.  In agreement with two out of four camps, that's pretty good!

The second thing to consider may seem small in detail, but many consider it a very significant issue.  I celebrate Sabbath from evening to evening.  Therefore, any would be bug-outers that arrive here would need to do the same.  It was tempting to consider having those who believe Sabbath doesn't begin until morning, come on board to do the work Friday night, but that would definitely be wrong on my part.  Scripture is very clear about having anyone else work within the gates, so . . . evening to evening it is in the Land of Goshen.  We'll have enough to contend with from outside the remnant, no need to have this debate, on a weekly basis.

Interestingly there are seven recognized methods for determining the new month, probably more.  There are the concealed, conjunction, sighted sliver, full, lunar Sabbath, Hillel [fixed] and the Enochian calendar.  I've kept the Hillel, sighted sliver, conjunction, and now concealed, and gave consideration to the Enochian calendar, but dismissed it.  I don't have a great deal of math or science to back my decision, simply the first chapter of Genesis.  Since everything was created mature, it is taught and believed the first week of the seventh Hebrew month marks the anniversary of creation.  There was no moon, the first three nights.   I've observed this for the past three years at Yom Teruah.   This recent Yom Teruah was celebrated by those of us who keep the concealed moon calendar, Tuesday evening/ Wednesday, and those who observe the sighted sliver, celebrated Yom Teruah on Shabbat.

Since none of us are really sure, and I've already admitted I've been all over a few calendars, we should take the different calendars into consideration before we are faced with the need to get moving.  I'm sure there will be communities on all calendars.

Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.  Commandment in Torah of Holy Scripture   

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sukkotin' Solo

As I walked back to the sukkah last evening, I couldn't help but think of all the things I thought were going to happen, that simply no longer seem to be in the plans.  Oh, I still believe this will be a place of refuge, but it won't be like I first envisioned it, not at all.  First is the fact that many who cross my path, really aren't going to make any significant changes until it all hits the fan.  There will be no hearty welcome for those who already know, but plan to survive on someone else's preparedness.  I'm not the only established homesteader that feels this way.  A friend actually gave Scriptural confirmation to that fact.  The parable of the virgins that Messiah spoke in Matthew 25.

As a religious society we've spiritualized everything so much, that we really don't seem to even expect the manifestation of true faith that the early followers walked in.  The early followers brought something to the gathering to share . . . instead of panicked need, or medicated acceptance.  Those who truly sought Abba in Moshiach walked in the power of Moshiach.  There is little evidence that they spent a great deal of time, "ever learning," and constantly debating.  They did speak in the market square and attend Temple, but their lives truly radiated evidence of having been with Messiah.

When I prayed to "live the Bible," I naturally had some ideas, even expectations.  So far, it's been abundantly more than I would have thought to ask or imagine.  In that abundance has also come a few unwelcomed realities.  The largest one being, I'm not going to be Rahab as detailed in Joshua.  Oh, I may host a few folks in their travels along the way, or even hide a couple of brothers, but I'm already in covenant.  Sadly, it doesn't look like my natural family will be here to be protected, as was Rahab's.

In hearing I would receive the promise of Abraham, I was overjoyed.  Who doesn't want to be called a friend of Yah?  Who wouldn't want to be a loving spiritual patriarch or matriarch to many?  I sadly overlooked the Ishmael factor, and that caught me a bit off guard.   Certainly not because Abba concealed it, it's right there in writing; I just didn't want to see it.  Through the years of hearing so many modern comparisons to Bible greats, Abba has placed it on my heart to be sure and read "the rest of the story."  We talk big, but the reality is, most of us get ahead of His plan or bow down to the rules, for employment, for provision, for social expectation, for family peace, for a myriad of reasons.  It's so easy to talk bravely, it's another matter entirely to trust Abba and truly stand on His Word.

We are coming to the valley of decision in each of our lives, or even the valley of the shadow of death.  As the world around us deteriorates further into chaos, we must take inventory of our "oil."  When the Bridegroom comes, there will be those who have their lamps filled and their wicks trimmed and those who don't.  But before Messiah returns, there will be utter chaos and tribulation, such as the world has never seen.  It truly is time to make sure we are ready.  That is, not in making connections for a place to save our own skin, but rather, being so close to Messiah we hear our Creator's voice and have obediently prepared for the Plan He has intended for each of us.

Then Y'hshuwah said unto them, My time is not yet come: but your time is alway ready.  the Gospel according to John    

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Coming Out From Among Them

As I sit here waiting for the folks to gather, I'm desperately aware that many believe they are sounding the warning, but what are we really doing differently?  I left city living nearly a decade ago.  I had a lot to learn, and every year has definitely been a learning experience, but as I sound these warnings, what am I doing differently?  Am I seeking Abba more intently?  Am I further separating myself from dependence of the system?  I've read a number of blogs, articles, and social media posts that say most are continuing "business as usual."  Messiah said that's how it would be in these end of days, folks doing what they usually did . . . "as in the days of Noah."

Every year, it seems I have to seek and pray in regard to the line between preparation and hoarding.  I'm not building bigger barns, but the simple things, like how many coats do I need to have on hand and how many chore gloves do I really need to own?  How much is enough to share and how much is too much?  What is "be ready" and what is a lack of faith or wrong priority?  These questions are never in the same areas.  It's changed through the years, so it's not a matter of questioning what I've heard, but rather moving in obedience in the last area of Instruction, to discover there is more to learn.  It seems every year, I also get a new job, without losing my last one . . .   I truly had no idea so much could be accomplished.  I'm enjoying the fulfillment of Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Messiah who strengthens me."

As the would be joiners have come and gone, I'm feeling a real unction that the population of the Land of Goshen will be increasing very soon.  In consideration, of not only this place, but the others that are being established, I'd like to remind us all of the need to begin to separate before we "come out from among them."  I would encourage everyone who believes they will be "heading to the hills" soon, or leaving the cities, a second Exodus, or heading to the wilderness to take an inventory of their present dependence.

As believers, we tend to spiritualize change, that really isn't always made manifest.  For those who speak of spiritual preparation, as we seek to be closer to Abba, we should be farther from the world.  Here's my own basic annual personal responsibility assessment list, as I seek to be closer to Y'hshuwah.  Have there been any tangible changes away from the system in this past year?  How about diet and exercise?  How about health care?  There are many aspects of our individual life that has already been deemed dependent on the powers that be.  This past year, I became noticeably aware that my day to town has become shorter.  There are fewer stops to be made and fewer purchases.  Everything in my life needs to fit into the Plan of our Creator.  The purchases I am making, are for the long term . . . relatively speaking.

I must be prepared to help those who will be leaving the cities, and those who will be leaving the cities must be in condition for their new surroundings.  Any connections of dependency to the powers of the systems will be like lightning rods in exposing the communities of refuge.  Time and effort are of the essence!  I know in my life, the ridiculous notion that freedom is somehow granted by permission still crosses my mind from time to time!  It is the Son who set me free!

Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation; and uphold me with thy free spirit. ~ from a Psalm in Holy Scripture