Sunday, August 31, 2014

High Holy Days

In less than a month, the celebrations of the seventh Biblical month will begin!  These are such precious times.  Even though I am celebrating without earthly fellowship, right now, I know that's about to change!  This year is different in so many ways.  Obviously the current events of the world are intensifying, but the power of our Creator is also being made manifest in individual lives, and drawing the remnant unto Himself.

This will also begin the year of Shemitah in Israel and the Land of Goshen.  As I consider all that has taken place in the last six years, I've learned a lot.  I've also still got a lot to learn.  Faith is an interesting part of life, in that it is so intense when it increases, yet the increase brings more increase and more desire for increase.  Oh, I want to convey this so clearly . . . Faith brings a desire for obedience.  I know I'm not perfect, but I want to walk as Messiah walked.  I want to please Abba.  I want the things that please Him to so fill my life there is no time or space for the things that are displeasing to Him.  We were created for His pleasure and next month, we are commanded to observe His Special Days.  So, in obedient observance, I want to bring Him pleasure.

This year will begin so differently than any other.  Abba has increased my understanding and my confidence is in Him.  He's changed so much more of my heart than I even realized needed changing.  He's changed my perspective.  Having followed Messiah now, for twenty years, I'm ready for the next stage of responsibility.  Twenty was the age of accountability in the book of Numbers.  The last Shemitah, I was 13 years in my walk, so it was my spiritual Bat Mitzvah.  Oh, and just like a teen, I thought I knew what I was doing . . . and in some areas I did, but I've learned so much, and moved . . . literally.

I'm learning covenant faith isn't just about my trusting Him, but Abba being able to trust me, as well.  In this past seven years, He's been able to trust me in areas in which I wasn't mature enough before.  He's instilled a confidence in me that I didn't know how to handle before.  And He's given me a desire for peace that I'm sure only comes with maturity.  HalleluYah!  I've outgrown the drama!  I've also grown in trusting Him, that the battle isn't mine and fleeing isn't my option, therefore I am to stand and not be moved.  Doing unto others as I would have them do unto me, is not about accommodating human demands.  I answer to Abba, not people.

The Golden Rule will be more than a motto, as this community gathers; it will be practically applied.  Torah is the Law that is fair to all, without favoritism as well being the Instructions for what it is to follow Messiah.  I smile as I realize, as the community gathers, and the five fold ministry meets around this round table, Messiah is the head!
Love worketh no ill to his neighbour: therefore love is the fulfilling of Torah.  Romans 13:10

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Preparing for the Gathering

As I look at the jars on the bar, and the basket of tomatoes in the kitchen floor, I find myself wondering, who will be here to share in this?  Every jar I've filled and every new goat on the place seems to have greater significance than just business as usual.  As this season is winding down and the Holy Days approach, it all feels so different, now.  Some of the things I "saw and heard" years ago, are going to come to fruition soon, I believe.

Back in 2007, I remember when Abba said, I had not yet seen the one who would be coming next to the community.  Wow!  In seven years, so much has changed, both personally, and globally.  I remember when my daughter brought her new boyfriend for me meet in 2010.  Even though she and I got along horribly and the visit was a total disaster, I still held on to hope that perhaps he was that one "I had not yet seen," and would be bringing my family to the homestead.  I held on to that hope, for a long time, but that was not to be.

As I sit here recollecting, I've now seen many more that I didn't know at that time.  Social media sometimes serves as a reminder that we can "get to know" someone without seeing them, or long before we actually see them.  I'm blessed with several friendships that although we have not actually seen each other face to face, we do value the friendship.  I'm thrilled to have gotten to actually meet folks in real time that I met on social media.  So who knows?  Abba knows and He knew in 2007 when He said those words to me.  There have been some come, who I know will not be part of this particular community, while others have visited and the door has not been closed . . . I would also guess there will eventually be arrivals that I have not yet even spoken with, at this time.

We are told, we walk by faith, not by sight.  When the gathering begins, we are going to know each other.  Meanwhile, I am very thankful, and feeling blessed to be preparing to share.

Sunday, August 17, 2014


Usually time is the subject of "Kingdom Economy" but the timing of three particular incidents correlates with the potential gathering of communities and I felt, perhaps this example would give all of us pause to contemplate the timing of opportunity.  This scenario spans two years, and probably the finality of the second mile.

I had made plans with some people two years ago, over the span of several months, then something began to crumble.  So we all sat down and discussed a new idea at length.  By appearances, an agreement had been made, but I've since been told, the first party left, never intending to look back.  So when the second calamity took place, I knew without a doubt, the others involved did not share the same priorities or had been dishonest, or possibly both.  At any rate, I had been saved from the agreement in which I had ignorantly entered.  I was reminded of Joshua and the Gibeonites . . . and the parable of the "clean house" in which the unclean spirit leaves, but there is no surrender to the Holy Spirit, and so goes to dry places.  Oh my, this situation was so Scripturally obvious, but I wanted it to be the plan.

My comments through the conversation were consistent, as the others tended to vacillate.  When the agreement was supposedly made, it was a matter of learning about alternative power for a year, then coming back and starting the installation business.  Interestingly, even after it all fell apart, one year later, the job of the "learning opportunity" had concluded, but without a reasonable discussion, the door here was not to be opened.

I spoke with the company, just a couple of weeks ago, that would be supplying the products "our" would-be company would install . . . now, two years later, there is still no company established they can recommend.  So, the idea flashed again and I posted it to social media.  Several comments, but no takers.  The real coincidence in all of this, is the person with whom I had first made the plans, just announced that the job he has been working, has ended.  Even more interesting, this announcement came on the second anniversary of when the door was officially slammed shut.

We must take note of timing and opportunity.  When opportunity knocks, it may not knock again.  When we are in the wrong place at the wrong time, too often, we've established our course, but there is a bright point to the flip side of  those who were hopeful.  When people continuously change plans and miss opportunities, it's simply a sign that they are not part of the plan.   As disappointing as that fact may be, their disregarding presence would actually serve as a hindrance.   Those who are in the wrong place at the wrong time, at least cannot impede progress for those seeking the right plan at the right place.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Persevering on the Preservation

The harvest this year is abundant.  The rain has been extraordinarily plentiful and I am feeling a peace settle over letting the land rest, this coming year.  Since my body is made of dust, I'm thinking my body will appreciate the rest as well.  The photos across social media seem to indicate many gardeners are being blessed with a double portion harvest.  Walking in confidence is rather new to me, so I've really been uncertain when the debate began about which year.  I feel the need to have a clear understanding, as my words need to be truth.

In the past year or two, I've taken notice of folks who are somewhat "adamant in their views," only later to discover they've changed their perspective.  What I notice with many of these folks is their confident claim that their new perspective is now a proper understanding.  That is a red flag for me.  Confidently correcting the confident recommendations one gave last year doesn't repair the damage of wrong teaching.  When it comes to spiritual matters, if we are going to speak with authority, we need to be sure we know what we are talking about.  That's not to suggest we remain quiet or compromise, but I do not think any individual is able to speak with authority on all matters.  None of us know everything, but that's not an excuse to remain ignorant.  I've received some interesting advice from some folks whom I clearly discerned were operating, either outside of their call or outside of their understanding.  I pray for them. 

I never refer to myself as a teacher, as that is not my call.  There are some things I can teach and experiences I've gained, but teaching isn't my call, I don't have the heart of a teacher.  I'm happy to answer questions, give demonstrations, write, speak, and I can share knowledge.  I believe I'm even going to share this place with others with a call.  I believe there will be someone called to share in this place, specifically called to the office of "teacher" as mentioned in Ephesians 4:11  And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers;   

In the meantime, I will continue to share what I've come to understand, and of course, always share the Good News.  Many of the debated details, however; are still open to further understanding.  

Sunday, August 3, 2014

No Looking Back

This week has been quite illuminating, here on the Preservation.  Insight has been gained regarding the passage in which Messiah spoke of a man putting his hand to the plow and looking back.  He gave a pretty harsh perspective.  

And Y'hshuwah said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of G-d.  Luke 9:62

I used to interpret this as just keep moving forward . . . That may be accurate, but what if you're going the wrong way?  What if you're tending a field that isn't your responsibility?  This isn't about nitpicking Messiah's words or offering a tangent, but rather the revelation that insight gained from the past is not necessarily looking back.  By that same token, what I saw this week in that moving forward with the same old goals may in fact be "looking back."  There are a few personal examples I'll share that may help others as we realize change is imminent and ready or not, life as we've known it is isn't coming back.

This week, Loosed Woman, came to the breaking point.  I realized the actual spiritual significance of the mistake, several mistakes, I almost made.  I struggled with moving forward, as to how I would honor the fifth commandment and share my testimony.  I also struggled with telling the truth, when I remembered, my parents through one of my many chastisements, actually said, "Not saying anything was the same as telling a lie!"  Wow, no more looking back on that one.  The truth shall make me free!

As I pondered in writing, the various situations that arose through that time were opportunities to finally do things differently.  That was the "no looking back" I'd been missing.  There were three areas in my life, I simply did not know how to handle in a new forward way.  I had no idea, how to plow on through!  The light came on as I muddled and rambled through Loosed Woman.  When I'm unsure of my subject, I hide behind words . . . too many or too few.

Circumstances don't have to change.  Others don't have to change.  Even if I sacrifice the present and my future, I cannot change the past.  What happened, happened, and it's not disrespect or disloyal to speak the truth.  My testimony is what it is and Messiah made all the difference to bring me back to our Creator and His plan for me.  I can't hide that under a bushel!  As for putting my hand to the plow and looking back . . . No way would I want to go back!