Friday, February 16, 2018


When I first answered this call to establish a small sustainable place in the country, I had never heard of the term, "hobby farm" nor had I realized the term "homesteading" would be reintroduced in the 21st century.  Well, here I am, 12 years completed in the realization that I've been redeemed back to the garden.  Although I bought the "learning" homestead in late spring of 2005, it would be nearly 6 months of tying up loose ends before actually enjoying the new place and beginning lifestyle.  After writing the earnest check through the Week of Unleavened Bread, the final trip of the move took place the day after Rosh HaShanah, nearly six months later.

Not to discourage anyone, but let me say, for the record, this homesteading lifestyle has been no "cake walk."  It has been truly rewarding, but at times, very difficult and disappointing . . . still is, but it's worth it!  Life was no bed of roses in the city, either.  I truly admire the younger couples who are equally yoked, on the same page, making the decision to raise their family outside of mainstream.  Although I never really fit into mainstream, and lived outside of mainstream in town for a time, my family was grown by the time I came into Covenant, and well established in their own lives when I became established this homestead lifestyle.  So, none of my progeny seems interested in this lifestyle, at all!  Two of my granddaughters were, for a time, but . . . that's a subject for another blog.  Back to the reality of what I have established and the discernment for maintaining the true purpose of this place.

I'm fairly active in social media and I've noticed a trending reality.  There are a number of people who will "preach and teach" all day long about faith, obedience, and being set apart; but are dramatically dependent upon "the system," especially in the areas of income and health.  They have all day long to preach and teach, because they don't work and collect a check through the system.  Then there are the city dwellers who consistently make comments about their lack of funding for rural living, but admonish the lack of faith of we homesteaders, referring to us as preppers who are trusting our own abilities . . . while they have the faith to believe manna will fall.  I have some thoughts on both of these perspectives, as well as my own perspective.

As for those who are already dependent on the system, and I've heard several reasons as to why.  Believe me, I am not doubting the fact folks are ill and feel horrible.  I was a bit surprised, myself, when Father led me, without healing the MS, to homestead.  I've been running a homestead, using a walking stick for several years now, and yesterday I discovered, I can take grain to the cattle, and even trim goat hooves, having traded my walking stick for a walker . . . I truly hope and pray it's temporary, but it was doable!  What isn't doable, is me taking care of folks with health issues that are comfortable in their disease and dis-health, while teaching all about YHUH.  It just doesn't set well, with me.  I realize we are to be content in all things, but I don't believe that means content in taking without giving!  And as for those who collect a government check with the mindset and mantra, "I paid into it" . . . while also hoping to relocate to a working Torah community when "the excrement hits the oscillating device."  As a general rule . . . only the homesteader has "has paid into it."

For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.  II Thessalonians 3:10

So many truly believe they are still "independent" when the reality is, the US government provides food for nearly 50,000,000 Americans.  President Trump has introduced an idea about sending boxed commodities to replace some of the food stamps being distributed in SNAP.  I can't speak for most, but some of the recipients were not at all happy with this idea. 

The reality is "already on the table."  The food supply is controlled by the government for everyone on SNAP.  Take it one step further and we have to face reality again.  The government controls trucking and transport, which is a major factor in the food supply.  Even for cash customers, if the trucks don't deliver the groceries, there's no food to buy!  I'll admit, I still buy some things at the grocery store, like coffee, dog food, and toilet tissue.   If it comes to leaves to replace toilet tissue, I do recognize and avoid poison ivy and oak.   I've already done some experimenting with indigenous herbs in the event coffee becomes unattainable.  I can make sure my dogs have food . . . through home butchering.  I've also casually mentioned for those who ask about looters in the chaos, "my dogs will not be friendly and may be hungry." 

As previously mentioned in earlier posts, Torah addresses blessings and curses for both city and country, based completely on obedience to the rest of Torah, so therein lies our security.  To be blessed of Father, we need to be obedient.  Will He use His people to bless others?  Of course, but that does not mean He will simply transfer provision from the system to His servants in the kingdom without some work and/or faith on the part of the individuals.  For those expecting manna, you might want to remember, the children of Israel had to gather the manna, themselves.  Moses and Aaron did not gather manna for everyone.  If you are unable or unwilling to harvest from a garden, then chances are, gathering manna would be outside of your field of endeavor, as well!

For those who truly believe what we claim to believe, as far as our Creator being our Provider, Healer, etc. it's time we start living what we're teaching and preaching.  I believe, throughout Scripture, it's always been the case, but it truly is time our walk matched our talk!

When the time of tribulation is upon us and folks want to work together, it will take our G-d given talents, hard work, and endurance. Everyone will have to bring more to the table than a fork!

Monday, January 29, 2018

No Excuses

Through the course of the last twelve years of homesteading, while promoting organic food and natural remedies, I continue to hear "excuses."  The main one, of course, has to do with money . . . Now, these excuses are from "religious folk" who tell everyone else how much our Heavenly Father provides and heals!  Today, in this post, I hope to resolve all excuses, because time is definitely of the essence.

First and foremost, everyone who chooses to live simply doesn't have to spend $100,000.00 on land and equipment.  I'm guessing, most of the folks telling me money is an issue to country living, are renters.  Right now, just off the top of my head, three rental places in the country, come to mind that all include living on some land and rent for less than $300.00 a month.  But even so, if country living isn't your thing, Deuteronomy 28 tells us, the children of The Most High can be blessed in the city or the country.  Some people have told me, they believe they are called to be a witness in the cities when the time of tempest and chaos come.  If that is the case, I pray they are preparing . . .

Here's the thing about living by faith, regardless of town or country.  We can all lessen our dependency on the systems of the world.  For example, you don't have to live in the country to home school your children.  You don't have to live in the country to trust our Heavenly Father to be your Healer.  The health care power will continue to strengthen and will be a very strong arm of the one world system.  So as it continues, you may have to home school to protect your family from the health care power and have Father as the Healer of your household.  Usually when it comes to home schooling, households tend to find a way to have a single earning with a stay at home mom.

Not to sound redundant or opinionated here, but if your city dwelling requires two full time incomes, you may want to give another thought to a country rental . . .  If one is renting, then I would definitely be reducing debt to zero.  One is more "ready at a moment's notice" if one is not economically disadvantaged, and debt is a definite disadvantage.  Proverbs says the borrower is servant to the lender.  Strong's indicates, servant, is an old English euphemism for "slave."  Debt will very much keep one in bondage to the system.  That is one of the hard and fast rules I have about anyone who would consider relocating to this place in an attempt to work together.  I've told, even my kids, there will be no debt attached to this address!

It is truly time that our walk matches our talk.  I see posts, frequently about the 10 virgins, five wise, five foolish, and folks go out of their way to "spiritualize" Messiah's words.  Granted, it is about spiritual readiness, but coming out from among them and being separate has physical ramifications, as well.  The coming one world order will take in all the powers that are already in existence, which includes powers that are quite prominently accepted in this society, beyond banking and commerce.   Powers like health care and education are also included in buying and selling, not to mention transportation and the food supply.  It is truly time to assess our dependency on the systems we take for granted.  The people of YHUH must decrease our dependency on the powers of the system and come to the faith that our Heavenly Father truly is our Provider, our Healer, our Shepherd . . . we shall not want.  YHUH is El Shaddai and His Son is coming back for those who are living according to the Will of the Father, watching, waiting, and ready!

And while they went to buy, the bridegroom came; and they that were ready went in with him to the marriage: and the door was shut.  ~ words of Messiah

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Mishpocha / Tribe

One of the recent entries addressed family and tribe . . . Since then the "talk" has died down and the walks have become apparent, and well, some things just turn out differently than we first expect, and yet in retrospect, there is a relief when events unfold differently than early expectations.  Meanwhile, new doors have opened and I have been truly blessed to meet some of my tribe!  I could give a huge rundown of the connections, but suffice it to say, one thing led to another, to kick off, yet something else, and now that some of the dust has settled, the blessings are wonderful!

As we were first becoming acquainted, there wasn't the "rush and gush" that so often happens, and I find that both comforting and inviting.  There has been a time of questions and offers, without feelings of intrusion or false promises!  We've shared precious Sabbath dinner, as well as celebrated Hanukkah.  Since Hanukkah isn't an appointed Torah Feast, I feel there is a much more casual opportunity to simply get together and rejoice in the fact, our Heavenly Father does miracles!  I learned through Sukkot, attempting fellowship when the calendars conflict is just that . . . attempting and coflict!   

Of course we do know mishpocha is scattered, and I pray for them, but it's nice to get to fellowship face to face on occasion, and I'll be honest, I do appreciate being appreciated.  As I think of the wonderful conversations we've shared through these past months, one stands out, particularly.  We were just speaking in general about fellowship and visiting, when I told her, they were welcome anytime.  If I had a "heads up" there would be a meal prepared, and if it was short notice, there is always plenty to prepare here, together, when they arrived.  I could literally hear her countenance light up as she said, "there's nothing like cooking together to form a bond."  As it turned out, we were blessed to experience that very thing, and then some . . .

We made Hanukkah plans, and of course she brought delicious food and I prepared some, as well, but I didn't cook the latkes ahead of their visit.  Nobody likes cold fried food, so we prepared them together!   Oh, what a blessing!  The latkes were delicious and the fellowship was delightful.  The dreidel was, well, dreidel; but all had a wonderful time.  I mentioned more blessing in the kitchen and I have to say, I believe the following event is probably a fairly rare occurrence in this day and age.

This same family is fairly new to homesteading and they had a big beef, still on the hoof, that they wanted in the freezer.  When I inquired as to the size of this creature, I was immediately honest with them and told them I didn't the equipment to drop and bleed out anything that size.  They told me they had someone who would drop it, skin, gut and hang it, but they'd like to learn how to cut it up.  Now that would be no problem, if it came quartered . . . They assured me it would.  I am so thankful for that!  So, the date was set, and preparation was discussed . . . and then the rain came . . .

Imagine if you will, bonding in the kitchen over a 200 pound forequarter!  We got busy and stayed busy; as there as 150 pound hindquarter outdoors waiting!  She and I basically, never left the kitchen.  We went from processing beef, to serving a rather late lunch, back to processing more beef.  I made the comment at some point, this reminded me of my grandma's kitchen.  I'm so blessed to be able to keep the earthy arts alive!  I also observed, that I just wasn't sure Biblical fatted calves would have been as large as this one was, but we persevered and prevailed.  I was truly impressed with their eagerness to learn and their immediate ability to carry out what they were learning, as the other side awaited them at home.

Four months ago, we were all feeling pretty isolated.  They were new to the area and basically knew no one.  I, on the other hand, have been here awhile and made several wonderful friends/family, yet  hungered for Torah fellowship.  I see a real coming together from many directions.