Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Our Heavenly Father obviously allows humans to make choices.  As we can see all around us, many choices have not been good, and many of the consequences are disastrous.  Although many believe this country is going to turn around, I don't share that blind optimism.  Changing parties in an election is not the same thing as repentance.

It seems bad choices reduce the opportunity of choice.  When one is at a crossroads, a good decision usually leads to more opportunity, while a bad decision often results in obligation and consequences that seem hopelessly void of choice . . . as in "I have to do this, I have no choice."  I'm going to get preachy here . . . We rob ourselves of choice, when we rebel against our Creator.  It started early in the Garden of Eden, and while it's easy to point fingers, we've all done the same and worse.  Our society is far from what our Heavenly Father had planned for humanity, and yet for the most part, we go right along with much of the destruction, we call progress.  

I'm well aware of the changes I've made to this ten acres.  Even in trying to maintain everything to be natural and organic, changes have taken place.  There are a number of small buildings, now on the place, which was once a virtual wilderness.  The place is now fenced with various pens also established.  Although my intent was and is to live simply and off the land, the reality is, I've also altered the landscape with my homestead operation, calling it "improvements."  I can say, before making any major decisions, I do seek the will of our Heavenly Father.  I once told someone, I was "all about choice," and clearly wasn't prepared for what transpired.  

In making choices along the way in life, I've made some real doozies.  Having a relationship with my Creator has made all the difference in the choices I've made and definitely in the results that have followed.  I remember some of the poor choices I made, back in the days of doing it "my way."  Not that all my decisions are perfect, yet, but I do know Y'hshuah will not lead me away from Father's will, even when the circumstances seem shaky and unfamiliar.  Hearing the voice of our Heavenly Father has certainly taken much of the guesswork out of life.  My choice truly is to please my Maker.  That's the basis for the other choices I make in life.  It's actually even helped me choose silence rather than hasty responses that would require repentance.

Without a doubt, our Heavenly Father blesses obedience.  His Word simply works and stands forever.  Why wouldn't I choose to live by the Instructions?  All these years later, I can say with all certainty, the choice to follow Y'hshuah into full Covenant with our Creator was the best choice I've ever made.