Thursday, April 19, 2012

Trouble in the Camp - Confusion

I've not been posting here so much, because I sensed there was trouble in the camp. It wasn't something that was overtly obvious or even spoken, it was just a matter of discernment. Now, as things are unfolding, I'm faced with what I've sensed and dreaded. Someone can know the truth and not be able to let go of false idols.

Due to difficulties beyond my control, but not outside of G-d's power, this blog will be suspended for a time.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Tribal Community

For the greater good of the entire group! I haven't posted recently because I've been weighted down with something I'm trying to weigh out and suddenly I see it clearer now. I've had this overwhelming feeling of deja vu in a very negative way. The best way to describe this feeling of heaviness is the feeling of sinking in quick sand and when I ask for help, someone throws a blanket on top of me . . . Needless to say, this feeling needed to be dealt with. As this so called community is supposedly taking shape I keep being reminded of my days running the mission in another time, another place. I remember letting my own wants and wishes of working with people take over my better judgment and even more important my stand as a believer. In order to let others "help," I found myself making concession after concession and still basically working the project alone. Oh, there was the appearance of an organization, but I had to change times of meetings, days of gatherings . . . I thought the concessions I felt required to make to accommodate those who "wanted to help" were merely ways of getting along, but then one night I made the mistake of actually asking for help and there was a "take over." The authority taken that night wasn't sudden at all. I'd been giving it over little by little for months . . . I've moved on from that, but I'm forever changed by that, also, and now I feel it again. I know G-d has called me to host a community, but I must needs remember He also told me two years ago that I'd not yet laid eyes on the next coming member. Rather than get ahead of G-d, which considering the information and history I have, would be disastrous disobedience, I must simply be busy about my Father's business and believe that it is HE that will bring the members to this community. I know that I know, I never want to experience what I did several years ago. So, I have no clue as to when there will be new members to our tribal community, but as this Passover season is upon us, I pray we will receive the deliverance HE brings and embrace the opportunity of Promise in which HE is leading HIS people.
And it shall come to pass, when ye be come to the land which YHWH will give you, according as he hath promised, that ye shall keep this service. Torah of Holy Scripture