Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Fact of the Matter

We can clearly see some horrific world events are taking place, while we are also primarily accepting that some things are just not being covered.  What is becoming strangely clear, are the number of these events that are taking place while those of any distance at all, seem to just keep going, business as usual.  Believe me when I say, I don't have a bunker and I'm not dropping out any time soon, although I've already been accused of that for a few years now.  As many of us continue to sound the warning, I'm seeing a general malaise or even rejection of the warning.  The day is coming and may already be here in which those with discernment are simply referred to as conspiracy nuts, or worse, become institutionalized.

The economy did not recover, it was propped up.  Now that the Supreme Court has determined they have the right to overrule the Bible, without repentance; judgment is coming.  The fact that we all now know what's going on at Planned Parenthood, without serious change and boycotting, the blood is on all our hands.  Let me qualify that statement with this.   We will probably not be held accountable for what was done in ignorance, such as the patronizing companies that supported PP or for those who have benefited from the medical research, BUT we are no longer ignorant!  There is no more excuse.  I've heard the outrage from many who do not even have computers, and the videos have been viral across social media.  We have no choice but to take personal responsibility that we do not benefit in any way by the fetal tissue; or that blood is on our hands.  No Excuses, come judgment day.

Foreclosures have continued to take place, and businesses are shuttering.  The square in a nearby town looks almost ghostly and historic as the many old buildings, refurbished by the DREAM Initiative surround the county courthouse, still empty.   Yet, people say, we don't want to hear "gloom and doom."  How about just the simple truth?  Every time I leave the place I see at least one new "for sale" sign in front of a shuttered independent business.  It seems the primary new businesses are in health care.  America is no longer cycling, but spiraling downward and if the bad news is kept somewhat scattered, perhaps a few can keep living like it's business as usual.  As the standard continues to drop, we just keep accepting less and less while putting up with more and more.  Sooner or later, this mandated "tolerance" concept is going to snap!  That may be the gloom and doom scenario I should be warning about.  Eventually those espousing tolerance will be forcibly and aggressively, intolerant, and that could be even more frightening than all the religious nuts they are warning everyone about.  Now that a person of integrity who lives by their convictions has been labeled unacceptable to society, with very negative adjectives, the "tolerance nazis" will have to find new targets.

The simple fact of the matter is, judgment is coming and some of us are called to sound the warning and share the solution.  I firmly believe there will be more man made temporary solutions, but I'm suggesting we not "buy" into them.  They are temporary and tend to come at a cost we cannot really afford, spiritually.  There is only one answer; and that is REPENT!

From that time Y'hshuwah began to preach, and to say, Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.  Matthew 4:17

Thursday, August 20, 2015

An Abraham Experience?

Back when I first came up to this unimproved land, I knew I'd been brought here by the hand of El Shaddai.  Through a phone conversation, I told a friend that although I wasn't sure of the day, I "had a Moses moment" in that I'd been led up the mountain, where I'd die.  It didn't seem ominous and I certainly had no fear, as I knew that I knew I'd been brought to this place, but I also knew it really didn't belong to me.  Several times this week, the passage about giving up land to follow Messiah has crossed my mind.

Here, I truly thought I was going to establish this place, work it, build it up, and then just make keys and share it.  I'd even entertained the possibility of a small cabin in the back timber for me to be the "mountain medicine missionary" and envisioned other members of the ministry living in the house.  I really did come here ready to pay for it, work it, and give it all up to follow Messiah for the glory of YHWH.

Suddenly I heard something I'd not realized.  He said, I'm too open with my invitations and folks feel they can just "get around" to Goshen when it's convenient.  People take serving G-d very lightly in our society.  We have all sorts of "obligations" that really amount to nothing more than excuses when it comes to 100% sold out dedication to Him.  So, that caused me, some serious fear of YHWH.  I never meant to make anything seem casual.  He then proceeded to remind me that I was not reaching out in the Spirit, but in the flesh, specifically, regret.  I didn't want to hinder the zeal of another, as I'd experienced, but that's not my call to make.  Okay, then there was more!  Abraham did not take any of his "men" with him when he and Isaac headed up that mountain.  We aren't told specifically how many traveled with Abraham and Isaac, but there was a place in which they stopped and did not ascend that mountain.

Knowing, I've already heard two other things that relate to Abraham, and had a couple of interactions based on passages in those same chapters of Genesis, I took heed.  This is no time to miss or think "close" is good enough.  The five fold ministry is going to be truly operational in many places, but the folks I'll be working with are already in this area.  The ones who we thought might relocate are going to be working, either where they already are, or in other locations.  Abba is not importing the five fold ministry to this Goshen from long distances.  He's blessing us to get acquainted through social media to encourage each other where we already are.  A great many of us have land, wells, and no mortgages.  We just need to be in agreement in seeking Abba as we prepare, and be blessed with the fellowship of encouraging each other.  Some stockpiling is fine to be able to help others, but stockpiling is not the answer.  Ministering and reaching needs will be our purpose through these very trying times.

Once this socially awkward, self-conscious, introvert came to the place of putting all that on the altar, He said "stop, I'll take you to the community."  YHWH Yireh is our Provider, but we need to be vessels worthy of holding his provision, and trusting enough to allow Him to pour it through us . . . and willing to stop in what we think is the plan and allow Him to allow us to keep what He's given us.

And Abraham called the name of that place YHWH Yireh: as it is said to this day, In the mount of YHWH it shall be seen.  Torah of Holy Scripture

And every one that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my name's sake, shall receive an hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting life.  ~  words of Messiah

Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Acceptance of Rejection

It's okay to say, "I'm sorry I failed to meet your expectations, but I've done my best," and then politely decline the next opportunity "extended" to possibly make the grade.  We simply cannot please everyone, and we are not expected to do so.  Even Messiah, who was perfect, didn't please everyone, but he did say we needed to give them two chances.  What made Messiah perfect, was; he pleased The Father.  Sometimes pleasing The Father causes rejection in our circle of influence.  Messiah said our enemies would be of our own household, so . . . we really have to stop trying to meet the expectations of others and truly seek to please Abba.

I've had several challenges through the years of folks wanting to be a part of what I'm doing, but their very first effort of participation is to change me.  As it turns out, I definitely had room for improvement, still do, but one of the biggest improvements I've made is to recognize their effort to change me would change what I'm doing.  There is no need to change the purpose to make improvements.  I've learned several hard lessons about trying to please a critic who really will never be satisfied and it's such a relief to realize that before I expend useless effort and energy, to result only in exhausted rejection!  Not everybody is thrilled with me or my abilities, and that's okay.

Then there is also the factor that some folks are just takers and the minute you are not a giver, the interaction changes.  When the interaction changes, that doesn't mean the giver has done something wrong, although that is the way the blame will lay.  All that really happens is the relationship is exposed for what it truly is.  If the giver refuses to comply with the demand, the taker, more than likely will take their demands elsewhere feigning victimhood.  When that happens, the rejection may hurt for a time, but the day will come when relief just washes over like a refreshing spring rain.

Once we come to the point of acceptance of another's rejection of us, there truly is a freedom.  I'm not, for a moment, suggesting we are to be rude and unkind, but rather this is for those who really are trying to make peace or appease others who simply will not be pleased.  As the remnant looks toward community, we need to know there will be folks who are easier to get along with than others, and folks who get more accomplished than others.  Then there will be those who are not so easy to get along with and don't get as much done, but seem to require a great deal of attention and have a plethora of ideas for others to implement.  To put it simply, those folks are not community material!  My particular MO is, I'm friendly, don't need much attention, and willing to give 100% effort, but I do need my space.  I can work and play well with others, if I get time to work alone.  Community is going to require team players who encourage and respect each other.

We should always let our Heavenly Father lead us in stretching beyond ourselves, rather than our critics.
Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.  ~ words of Messiah

Friday, August 7, 2015

Thoughts on Preparedness

A friend and I have discussed almost repetitively the need for spiritual preparation.  It matters not how much food is stored or ammunition is purchased, we will not be maintained through the coming hard times without "oil in our lamps."  What are we doing to spiritually prepare?  How dependent upon the system are we still?  Through the coming tribulation and sadly well deserved judgment, the only place of refuge is in the shelter of The Almighty!

I'm not completely out of Babylon or Egypt yet.  I still have a bank account and a driver's license.  I still file income taxes, but I don't take any of the offered credits . . . I'm still not fully off grid and obviously, I'm connected to the world wide web.   I do know of some who have made the decisions to opt out some time ago.  There is a day coming in which some of this will just be gone without my decision.  It's completely possible that bank accounts can just disappear, and certainly the US currency is clearly losing it's value.  I am blessed to have land, a roof over my head, herds, flocks, an orchard, a garden spot, and a well.  Even though there is no mortgage on the place, I'm not sure how life will actually play out when the US debt note gets called in.

I've been thinking of the various attributes of our Creator.  YHWH Nissi, The Existing One is our banner. YHWH Shalom, The Existing One is peace.  YHWH Yireh, The Existing One sees and provides.  YHWH Raphah, The Existing One heals.  This is what I've been considering.  I post a different service weekly that addresses our Heavenly Father's great attributes, but do we really rely on Him, or do we have our own solutions with our lip service?  There is a day coming, in which lip service will not be enough.  I've heard the mantra about "manna" until I just want to scream.  Our Heavenly Father can certainly provide manna, there is documented proof that He has, but most of those same people are still living their lives as they have been for years, while "sounding the warning" to the rest of us.  If we are blessed to have been shown that hard times are coming, shouldn't we be preparing to be of service to Him through those times?

When money won't buy food, or there is no food to be bought, non-believers are going to be hungry, too, and there's no record that manna fell in Egypt.  Isaiah 1:19 tells us obedience is tied to being satisfied.  What happens when health care comes at the cost of our soul?  Seriously, we can make all sorts of grand claims, but when it comes down to "suffering in faith" or seeking the wisdom of man, what do we do?  I've given great thought to this next statement.  Even outside of mainstream health care, we can have all the natural health formulas we can pick and make, but without our Healer . . . we're not healed.  Exodus 15:26 tells us how to stay healthy.

There are many folks saying they trust Abba, and planning to hold Him to His end of the covenant, but are we upholding our end?  I'm not talking about salvation or eternity.  We've been given Instructions for our life on this earth.  Are we truly ready to abandon all of our conveniences and so called necessities to move into the shelter of The Almighty?  Are we really ready?

He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of The Almighty.  I will say of YHWH, He is my refuge and my fortress: my Elohim; in Him will I trust.  Psalm 91:1-2