Sunday, October 25, 2015


A word to the wise is sufficient . . . or should be.  I know several of us are using social media to network and possibly work together as society collapses, but there are also those who are simply scoping out a place to go, when life falls in for them; where they are.  Some folks have been called to set places of refuge up, ahead of the need.  Some folks are called to be a witness, for a time, in mainstream.

What I want to address today is the possibility that so far, I haven't seen discussed.  For those who are continuing to work in a government position, say locally or even state; when the state says,  We're broke"  You'll either work here and "be kept" or you have no job."   What happens?  What will you do?  Same with health care and public education?  The reality is, eventually, the collapse will cause a collective power to rise, but what about everyone who was hanging on, hoping or just biding their time?  What will happen when we find ourselves looking for like minded folks?

I was speaking with a friend about this the other day, and at first he thought we were on the same page.  When the collapse hits, he has an idea of where to go.  My response was, if you wait until the collapse, will the individual at your presumed destination, trust your motives?  We forget how small the percentage was, of Germans who were actually loyal Nazis, yet the entire country was ruled by the few.  Neighbors couldn't trust each other . . .  The bottom line is, when it all hits the fan and the collapse is imminent or already happened, we don't know who we'll count to be trustworthy!  As mentioned previously, through these years, I've met a few folks who I knew were just scoping or casing a place to land, and of course they've been ruled out, here . . . whether or not they realize it.

What I'm addressing now, though, is different.  We've never truly faced what is prophesied, in that all of general society will be broken down and in survival mode.  Tribulation, such as the world has never known is anarchy on steroids.  Every move will be driven by survival and every human interaction will carry the potential to kill or be killed.  Trust in humanity could prove disastrous at any given moment.   Discernment will be called paranoia.  Those sounding the warning are already called conspiracy theorists.  Noah just kept working, believing what YHWH had said.  Messiah said, the end of days would be as in the days of Noah.

For those who live in a houseful of people, yet observed Holy Days alone, that may be where we find ourselves as society unravels . . . I was hoping to host a community here, but I already have a divided house, I certainly won't be inviting more of the same!  We already know the outcome of a divided house.  Torah obedience and belief in Messiah will be mandatory for everyone in the "remnant communities" that will be gathering.  Our Heavenly Father doesn't have grandkids and in-laws.  Everyone over 20 will have to stand on their own, in relationship with Messiah and covenant with YHWH.  As a mother and grandma, myself, I can tell you, I've already lied to myself about a certain situation, so I understand a mother's heart in mama bear survival mode.  Messiah had some pretty strong words about who family really is.  

I'm feeling an urgency of withdrawal and getting my house in order.  It seems much of what needs to be said, has been said.  I don't know how close we are to needing our lamps filled with oil, but I know it's a priority for me, and I won't have any to sell . . .

And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him.  Matthew 25:6

Friday, October 2, 2015

Parents Prepare

I speak with a number of folks who are helping their adult children, regularly.  Every time I walk through the grocery store, I'm in sticker shock and wonder how young families are even affording life . . . My thought here is one of practicality.  For those of us that are "seeing" the collapse coming, not if but when, we really should be putting in a few safety nets.  For those who believe it's business as usual until the collapse, I would disagree.  Some say, when it hits, Abba will provide.  Well, to both of those schools of thought, I would say, I agree to a point, but . . .

We certainly are not supposed to drop out, hunker down, and wait for the collapse.  We are to "occupy" until Messiah returns and Mark clearly stated in 13:24, that he's not coming til after the tribulation, so regardless of how much life changes we are to carry on.  As for Abba providing after the collapse, of course He provides for His own.  David said the righteous don't beg, but many people are already seeking assistance or are deeply dependent in their provision, now, when things are still fairly good.  Many do not realize all this assistance is still begging, as our society has just taken the shame out of begging . . .

In the past several years a new trend across the nation emerged.  That was one of parents helping their kids through college by means of federal student loans.  Some actually sign for the loans themselves, while others help the kids obtain them through financial information and tax records.  I've been sounding the warning against that for years.  Student loans cause two things and both can be devastating.  One, student loans are debts that do not go away and can take anywhere from 10 to 30 years to pay off.  An individual shared with me some time back that she couldn't pay the loan off early.  So, basically the indebted student is an indentured servant to the government.  The second thing, and it's being proven, many indebted students come back home after graduation, unable to afford independence and student loan payments.  There appears to be a new problem arising now, as well.  That is, many students have degrees, ladened with large debt, with little to no career opportunities in the field in which they obtained their degree.

The next generation is unprepared to enter the workforce after high school, while "programmed" to incur debt seeking higher education for which there is no job . . .  I'm not the only one beating this drum.  John Lawrence wrote a very insightful article on the subject.  Below are a couple of paragraphs in his article.

>>>Despite the fact that Microsoft founder Bill Gates is a college dropout, Apple’s founder Steve Jobs was a college dropout and Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg is a college dropout (all became billionaires by the way), Americans have been sold a bill of goods that a college degree is necessary for the good life.

This hasn’t panned out for Serena Whitecotton, however. Since graduating last May with a grade-point average of 3.5, experience working at her school newspaper and a degree in communications from California State University at Fullerton, Whitecotton said she has applied for more than 400 journalism and public relations jobs. For her efforts, she has been granted 10 interviews that haven’t led to a single job offer. She still lives at home and has been unable to find work since her internship ended in November.
America has set up a class system whereby you are a second class citizen if you don’t graduate from college. Increasingly though the reality is that there is not much of a connection between a college degree and finding a good job, and American high schools are not preparing high school graduates for entering the work force directly after high school.<<<
A friend of mine, several years ago, was always "going to come down and be a part of this."  It was always just one more "something," and then she'd be ready to come on board.  As she was supposedly tying up loose ends, her child just had to go to a very expensive college because that's where her boyfriend was attending.  Suffice it to say, there was a break-up, an illness, no college graduation, but the debt of student loans, stands.

For those who are assisting their adult children, I would encourage you to be sure to establish your own place for them to return . . . or consider networking with others in the same situation.  For those who know the collapse is imminent, we can't count on the preparedness of others, we must be prepared.

Then Y'hshuwah said unto them, My time is not yet come: but your time is alway ready.  John 7:6