Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Words, So Many Words

I found myself making an observation that may be racist, but I think it's really more a matter of culture.  It seems nontribal people are more chatty and use a great many more words than those of us of Native heritage.  It also seems, they often expect me to do the same . . . except Mr. B.  He seems to prefer a huge wall of silence between us, and that works for me.

I'm a writer and a woman, so of course, I have a great many words that bounce through my brain regularly, but they don't all need to come out of my mouth.  As a matter of fact, the world would probably be a much calmer place if fewer words were spoken by most of us.

In the multitude of words there wanteth not sin: but he that refraineth his lips is wise.  Proverbs 10:19

Recently, I found myself in some rather oppressive conversations with more than one person, so I do have to consider the possibility of the common denominator, but there were three similarities in all the conversations.  One was, the other individual referred to me as secretive.  Two, the other individual took some comment I made and "fed" it back to me in their context.  And lastly, I was called upon to explain myself and my varying decisions and activities on matters that I simply did not believe was any of their business . . .

I take note when folks make reference to getting to know someone, because I believe getting to know someone is to actually get to know their way of living, their interests, style of communicating, etc.  It's getting to know them, not just gathering information about them.  I don't think "getting to know someone" is playing twenty questions and invading their privacy.  Getting to know someone means listening enough to learn their communication style.  Getting to know someone also involves respecting their boundaries . . . without the individual having to continuously explain them or defend them.  Getting to know someone is exactly that, "getting" to know them and if one is actually going to get to know another person, they need to be quiet and listen.  A one-sided conversation is rarely meaningful and an inquisition is just dreaded.

As I wrote this I was reminded of the similarity of Proverbs 17:28 and the quote attributed to Abraham Lincoln and/or Mark Twain.  "Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding."  "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt."

Forced conversation usually results in courteous tolerance, but rarely a true friendship.  I have discovered through the years, the people I count the dearest are those who have a great deal going on in their own lives and don't really have time to meddle in mine.  We are interested in each other's lives, but not meddlesome.  We know we can count on each other, and yet we also know there are times were are just flat busy, but we'll get back to each other.  We also know, in our absence, we're not the subject of the next conversation with someone else.  We have taken the time to know each other and enjoy who that person is, without trying to change them or make them answer for who they are.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Coming Holy Days

Sukkot 2017 is just a little over two weeks away and I'm looking forward to hosting a gathering, while also experiencing a bit of trepidation.  I truly want this to be pleasing to The Father!  Father knows I lack confidence . . . Outside of Him, I have no confidence . . . NONE!  I feel I have the social skills of a broken lamp, and yet, I truly do love people!  I long to be a gracious encourager.  A kind word and gentle encouragement goes a long way for many of us!  Then there is the fellowship that is shared in these Holy Day gatherings that truly does remain in the heart for many seasons!

I'm focusing on the book of Ecclesiastes, fellowship, and encouragement.  Those of us who are gathering for Sukkot spend the year seeking Father and His will, while many do so alone, or worse, in a divided house.  Social media is pretty much a place of argument or a platform for the self proclaimed preachers, teachers, and rabbis to condescend.  Don't get me wrong, there are some very gifted folks who are obviously called of Father to preach and teach, but . . . I have come to the place in life, if someone has to continue to announce their call/title, I have trouble hearing their message.  So, to extend fellowship and offer encouragement seems to be a much needed and often overlooked ministry.

Here in the Land of Goshen, we'll be enjoying what looks to be a rather small gathering of women.  I'm thinking we are going to be able to share and encourage each other, as well as drawing a serious correlation between Titus 2 and Proverbs 31 . . .  Of course, we're not going to be exclusionary, but at this time it does appear to be a sukkot for ladies of the grandma years.  I felt a very strong unction to extend this invitation, first and foremost to those who Shabbat solo.

Shabbatin' solo is definitely better than ignoring Shabbat, but having little to no fellowship can also result in some traditions or tangents that may be misleading when it comes to Torah truth and following Messiah.  So, we are definitely looking forward to sharing fellowship.  Now the invitation is not closed, nor is it exclusive to women, only . . . but I would like to offer this.  We do not have a large program planned, nor is there an extensive list of activities.  There are family oriented Sukkot gatherings and I would strongly recommend young families get involved with other young families.  Meanwhile, we Grandmas will be encouraging each other and praying for all y'all!

Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear Elohim, and keep His commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.  Ecclesiastes 12:13

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Family / Tribe

Oh what revelation has come in the past few weeks, regarding family and tribe!  It all began on social media . . . who knew???  Father knew.  I read of a woman having some vehicle issues and sent a little gift her way, via paypal.  I then read of this same woman posting an ad to sell some goats.  Two were purebred with papers for registration, but the other was what I like to call a "Jacob's herd" or cross bred, described in Genesis as "spotted, mottled and streaked," which is what I'm raising.  Crossbreeds are just heartier animals in that they rarely display the recessive genetic weaknesses of the purebreds.

We discussed the specifics and price via private messenger, after Shabbat.  I got off the computer and told Mr. B, we needed to go buy a goat Sunday afternoon.  His reply was, "I thought you were downsizing the herd."  To which I responded, "I don't really need a goat, but this is about something bigger."  I told him the asking price, and that I had no intention of haggling.  That came as a shock to him, but since he's always up for an outing, he agreed.  To be honest, I truly thought I was simply going with altruistic intent to help the young woman.  It was delightful to meet her and her children and through the course of the conversation, she asked me if I knew a woman who lived in the town just east of where I live.  I didn't, but she invited me to look at her friend's list and send this woman a friend request.  The woman and I immediately became FB friends and began to make plans to meet in person.

There were scheduling conflicts, the first couple of attempts to meet in person.  Imagine our delight when we finally had a time set and exchanged addresses.  Although our addresses are two different towns, we are closer in proximity than either of us are to our given town of address.  As it turns out, we both live two miles the opposite direction off of the same highway.  We've now visited each other's homes and have made plans for Shabbat that also include other folks she knows.  But there's more . . .

I'd already planned to host a Sukkot gathering this year, but was not terribly confident in my hostessing skills.  A wonderful sister from a neighboring state had already made reservations and a few others have made inquiry and indicated interest.  My new sister/friend will be joining the celebration here, and ask if she could invite others.  Through her, a gentleman has gracious offered some teachings as well as some labor on the homestead.

Isn't it interesting?  Here, I thought Father wanted to use me to bless someone by buying their goat, and I even knew the meeting was about more than a goat, but I had no idea . . .  The blessings I've received in that one short visit have certainly exceeded abundantly more than I could have asked or imagined!  Looking forward to this family gathering!

For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother.  Matthew 12:50

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Negative Confirmation

Usually, I'm a fairly upbeat person.  I place my hope in our Creator, so I really don't worry, much.  It is my understanding that worry leads to stress and negative perceptions that either never happen or becoming "self-fulfilling prophesies."  I've also come to accept that the only thing in life I can really change or control is me!  Folks gonna do what they want . . . My purpose is to serve my Heavenly Father, follow His Son, and let my light shine.

I am called to share The Good News, but I'm not called to argue about The Good News.  It's not all sunshine and roses, but I have abundant life.  As I've followed Messiah, I've learned a great many things along the way.  Everything has not gone the way I'd hoped in the natural, and yet again, my hope is in Him, and He changes not, nor can He fail.  It seems we all have certain hopes for our own life that is not part of His plan, and I'm so thankful He has spared me of some of the things I thought I wanted.  Then there is the hope we have in others, and they don't meet those hopes and make other choices.  I have come to realize there are more than a few people in my life that have made other choices, and yet there is a consistency that I've noticed.

It's taken me a few years to realize "negative confirmation" doesn't mean I've done the wrong thing, it usually means the narrow road is narrowing further . . .  I spent much of my life lacking any sort of self confidence, so I looked for approval, or rather; expected disapproval and tried to avoid it.  I didn't even consider hoping for respect, just hoped to avoid the glare and comments of disapproval.  Now, however; it seems when I've done something notable in service to my King, something negative comes right at me!

With great consistency, every time the ministry outreach is expanding or a new book is published, something in my personal life, i.e. family, gets crazy!  Without fail the negativity and/or problems roll in.  I now realize and have come to term this:  Negative Confirmation.  Just like the third law of physics recorded by Newton:   For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.   

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Alternative Health

I recently discovered the term "Native" is contained in the word, "alternative:  AlterNATIVE."
I've also been giving a great deal of thought to the words of Messiah in Matthew 10:8.   Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give.
Here at the Land of Goshen, and Bethesda Renaissance Villa, I'm bringing the two together in wellness management.  I have freely received "time and life" from our Heavenly Father, and want to freely give.  I am not diagnosing, and the healing is up to YHUH.  I am reaching out to those who are dealing with chronic conditions of pain, and the only offer you've been given is "pain management" through Big Pharma.

If the cost was only gas money, a love offering, and 3-5 days of your life, would you step out in faith and alternative wellness?  I've never had full peace about a charge for guests at Bethesda Renaissance Villa.  Even after seeking wise counsel . . . still no peace until now.  I have to have some sort of notice of guests, due to accommodations and scheduling, but there will be no set price.  We all know the cost of food and accommodations, and the outrageous price of mainstream health care . . . Each scheduled event will have a button to make a donation, and I'm willing to also make special guest arrangements at unscheduled times.  I realize there are many believers attempting to be Torah obedient, who simply do not have much funding.  Sadly, due to mandatory government health regulation many are paying high health insurance rates and copay.  

The most despicable factor in American Health Care now, is the fact that doctors can "fire" patients!  Of course, when those with their god complex "fires" their patient, that event becomes part of their medical records, therefore; this patient becomes banned and labeled, on a larger scale.  Many people who live in constant pain are treated quite disrespectfully, if they seek relief in an ER.  When the person who is being payed, can fire the one who is paying them, something is seriously wrong!  Health and wellness has taken a back seat to Big Pharma and Power.

Now that so many in America are taking some sort of prescription for mental and emotional health issues, rest assured, those prescriptions will soon involve decisions being made "for your own good."  Health care and the court system have been intertwined for years, but now in "open collusion," wield an ungodly authority.  These two powerful entities are brought together through so called "protective" agencies such as DFS, CPS, EPS, APD, etc.  There are a great many government agencies with more power than the Bill of Rights to "protect" everyone from basket to casket.

So, in a nut shell, I'm going to open this place to those who desire a change in managing chronic pain or desire to deal with developed issues by natural means, on a Scriptural foundation.  I don't know if this will be received positively or negatively, but it is a fact!  . . . Our physical health is affected by our spiritual condition and our emotions.

Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.  III John 2

Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Our Heavenly Father obviously allows humans to make choices.  As we can see all around us, many choices have not been good, and many of the consequences are disastrous.  Although many believe this country is going to turn around, I don't share that blind optimism.  Changing parties in an election is not the same thing as repentance.

It seems bad choices reduce the opportunity of choice.  When one is at a crossroads, a good decision usually leads to more opportunity, while a bad decision often results in obligation and consequences that seem hopelessly void of choice . . . as in "I have to do this, I have no choice."  I'm going to get preachy here . . . We rob ourselves of choice, when we rebel against our Creator.  It started early in the Garden of Eden, and while it's easy to point fingers, we've all done the same and worse.  Our society is far from what our Heavenly Father had planned for humanity, and yet for the most part, we go right along with much of the destruction, we call progress.  

I'm well aware of the changes I've made to this ten acres.  Even in trying to maintain everything to be natural and organic, changes have taken place.  There are a number of small buildings, now on the place, which was once a virtual wilderness.  The place is now fenced with various pens also established.  Although my intent was and is to live simply and off the land, the reality is, I've also altered the landscape with my homestead operation, calling it "improvements."  I can say, before making any major decisions, I do seek the will of our Heavenly Father.  I once told someone, I was "all about choice," and clearly wasn't prepared for what transpired.  

In making choices along the way in life, I've made some real doozies.  Having a relationship with my Creator has made all the difference in the choices I've made and definitely in the results that have followed.  I remember some of the poor choices I made, back in the days of doing it "my way."  Not that all my decisions are perfect, yet, but I do know Y'hshuah will not lead me away from Father's will, even when the circumstances seem shaky and unfamiliar.  Hearing the voice of our Heavenly Father has certainly taken much of the guesswork out of life.  My choice truly is to please my Maker.  That's the basis for the other choices I make in life.  It's actually even helped me choose silence rather than hasty responses that would require repentance.

Without a doubt, our Heavenly Father blesses obedience.  His Word simply works and stands forever.  Why wouldn't I choose to live by the Instructions?  All these years later, I can say with all certainty, the choice to follow Y'hshuah into full Covenant with our Creator was the best choice I've ever made.