Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Family / Tribe

Oh what revelation has come in the past few weeks, regarding family and tribe!  It all began on social media . . . who knew???  Father knew.  I read of a woman having some vehicle issues and sent a little gift her way, via paypal.  I then read of this same woman posting an ad to sell some goats.  Two were purebred with papers for registration, but the other was what I like to call a "Jacob's herd" or cross bred, described in Genesis as "spotted, mottled and streaked," which is what I'm raising.  Crossbreeds are just heartier animals in that they rarely display the recessive genetic weaknesses of the purebreds.

We discussed the specifics and price via private messenger, after Shabbat.  I got off the computer and told Mr. B, we needed to go buy a goat Sunday afternoon.  His reply was, "I thought you were downsizing the herd."  To which I responded, "I don't really need a goat, but this is about something bigger."  I told him the asking price, and that I had no intention of haggling.  That came as a shock to him, but since he's always up for an outing, he agreed.  To be honest, I truly thought I was simply going with altruistic intent to help the young woman.  It was delightful to meet her and her children and through the course of the conversation, she asked me if I knew a woman who lived in the town just east of where I live.  I didn't, but she invited me to look at her friend's list and send this woman a friend request.  The woman and I immediately became FB friends and began to make plans to meet in person.

There were scheduling conflicts, the first couple of attempts to meet in person.  Imagine our delight when we finally had a time set and exchanged addresses.  Although our addresses are two different towns, we are closer in proximity than either of us are to our given town of address.  As it turns out, we both live two miles the opposite direction off of the same highway.  We've now visited each other's homes and have made plans for Shabbat that also include other folks she knows.  But there's more . . .

I'd already planned to host a Sukkot gathering this year, but was not terribly confident in my hostessing skills.  A wonderful sister from a neighboring state had already made reservations and a few others have made inquiry and indicated interest.  My new sister/friend will be joining the celebration here, and ask if she could invite others.  Through her, a gentleman has gracious offered some teachings as well as some labor on the homestead.

Isn't it interesting?  Here, I thought Father wanted to use me to bless someone by buying their goat, and I even knew the meeting was about more than a goat, but I had no idea . . .  The blessings I've received in that one short visit have certainly exceeded abundantly more than I could have asked or imagined!  Looking forward to this family gathering!

For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother.  Matthew 12:50

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