Friday, December 28, 2012

Our Food Was Created and It Was Good

Why we are messing with our food and allowing it to be messed with and don't realize there will be consequences is beyond me. Our diet is very much a part of our covenant way of life. Anyone who thinks G-d doesn't care about what we eat, might want to consider what Adam and Eve would have to say about that. They messed up with the promise that a certain item of produce would make them "as gods" knowing good and evil. Currently our society, on the other hand, has for the most part chosen to remove G-d from the information, play G-d, claiming to know good from evil and have apparently decided we can know what we are doing, know it's not good and do it anyway. As a rule, this is not the blog where I get political or social except for the covenant of this place, but I have to sound a warning. YHWH usually reveals things to HIS servants, before they come to pass. I've had a strange craving for rice, as of late, but every time I cook it in something, there is a strange odor that I cannot identify. Interestingly, I read last night, approval is expected for an already tested hybrid of rice with human DNA. That's right, between our very own FDA, USDA, and of course Monsanto, we are, on a cellular level introducing cannibalism and approving it. Doesn't that sound delicious? It won't be long until even our grains and vegetables are not edible. They are working quickly on that goal! As a person of the Covenant, I simply cannot stand idly by, while I have it good and live on heirloom vegetables without sounding the warning. And so, the warning has been sounded! Before this becomes a political issue, this approved test for sowing and harvesting took place on 3000 acres of conservative Kansas soil. This is not a matter of politics, this is a matter of conscience. We really shouldn't consume human DNA, with the exception of babies and mother's milk. Other than that . . . Playing G-d will result in nothing but disaster.
And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind: and G-d saw that it was good. Torah of Holy Scripture - Genesis 1

Monday, December 24, 2012

Peace on Earth, Good will to Men [Humans]

I've had another stark revelation in regard to peace and it came out of my own mouth! Once it comes out of your own mouth, there will be no claim of ignorance . . . My hope and attempts at peace making have been, of course, challenged and questioned, by none other than the folks who think I should be pleasing them for peace. Well, go figure . . . I've had an epiphany and as I said, the G-d of Abraham blessed me to hear it out of my own mouth, clearly and concisely.
Y'hshuwah gave commentary about the division and derision that would arise between folk that we think "should be" getting along, like neighbors and family members. He also gave a few comments regarding enemies, so apparently, everything isn't going to be harmonious, regardless of the attempt made by some.
It was in my conversation that I simply stated, my last book came out about a year and a half ago, and "I'd made peace with the fact I simply would not have a good relationship with some people" and even more severely the new book would bring some division in my "circle of influence." The amazing thing to me, was the fact that I stated, I'd "made peace" with not being received or appreciated or whatever. Sometimes peace making is not with the person in focus, but in accepting the circumstances and the bad relationship that exists. Sometimes making peace, is a simple matter of acknowledging there is no common ground in sight. It's in trying to force a commonality or going beyond that second mile, the trouble gets very ominous. Sometimes we simply need to understand the passage in Proverbs and Romans that instruct us to offer food and water even to our enemy, but recognize them as such. Y'hshuwah spoke of going the second mile and turning the other cheek. Once a person realizes they've indeed gone that second mile, it's time to part ways. It may not be the outcome for which we'd hoped, and that is where we must make peace with the fact of the matter. We are not instructed to go beyond the second mile and in my case of being a peace maker with a less than hoped for outcome, I must simply accept that. That's so much harder on the heart, than people pleasing! People pleasing can be pretty superficial just to get somebody off your back, but to make peace with an inevitably sad outcome requires serious peacemaking. I should have read Matthew 10:34-36 a bit more closely before getting my expectations out of proportion. Meanwhile, I shall be encouraged and share the encouragement with this passage.
Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of YHWH.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Acceptance Brings New Insight

I was so excited when my daughter gave my last book such rave reviews, but as always my hope was very short lived . . . When I moved to this place, I had heard YHWH tell me, not only was HE calling me to establish a remnant refuge, but this would be for my descendants. When I heard HIM tell me, it would be for my descendants, my breath stopped for a moment. My first thought was a fear that it would "skip a generation." Now in retrospect, I can't say if I already sadly knew deep down, what would unfold with my daughter or I had a Job moment . . . but as the year unfolded it became increasingly obvious that something was certainly amiss. I've hesitated writing about this, but since the pictures were posted to FaceBook, I feel it is now a matter of public domain and I have much greater insight as to what might have ended the call and purpose of YHWH for my life, had I pursued something that was not to be.
From the moment I became a mother, even though I wasn't walking with or serving G-d, I clung to Romans 8:28 in difficult times, and since I wasn't walking with YHWH, there were plenty of difficult times. "All things work together for good to them that love Elohim and are the called according to His purpose."
Even before I began serving YHWH, I married a wonderful man and we adopted each other's children. Now, years after the divorce and remarriage, he is still a wonderful Dad to my daughter, and in that marriage, I gained more descendants, who have also procreated, so my thought as to how YHWH would bring this about and how it actually comes about is yet to be revealed . . . He's not finished yet and the G-d I serve is certainly not limited to my failures! HalleluYah!
I have also realized if I have to make a choice to protect this project YHWH has given me and walk in HIS covenant, my personal feelings are not the top priority. I don't have to know how the descendant thing works out, to trust HIM. HE had already told me a couple of years before moving here, that I had not yet laid eyes on the next one coming to the preservation . . . Before you wonder how I got it squirreled around to think it might be my daughter based upon this statement, let me give this quick fact. In the interim she began dating a man that knew, just knew this was where he should be. So, I of course, tried to put those "two and two together" and hope he was the one I'd not yet laid eyes on and he'd be bringing my descendants with him. Needless to say, I'm glad I didn't try to cling to that as doctrine! Based on the written words of Messiah, there will also be "family" here that I haven't yet met, as Y'hshuwah's definition of family is "those who do the will of His Father." That leaves the possibilities far beyond what society dictates.
I hope all my descendants will come to the Covenant offered by YHWH, but it is not for me to compromise in order to win anyone. Only YHWH knows who will actually respond to HIS gracious offer.
Before the parting of the ways, I'd even told my daughter that I had a feeling we'd never see each other again, and sadly that feeling has not gone away. I was shown confirmation that saddened me far beyond our argument on none other than facebook, shortly after she and I parted ways.
The pictures caused me to be even sicker than the words spoken the night of her departure. On their counter were the Shabbat candlesticks I'd given them when her newly professed belief began, and my Granddaughter's prayerbook laying there by the lit candles, while they proceeded to work, baking and decorating "zombie cupcakes" with gruesome decor included. It was in viewing that picture and correlating the name calling through the argument, that I knew that sort of flagrant mockery could have no place in this remnant project. Now, that's not at all to say YHWH is not big enough to change things, because I know HE is, but I also know the change will not come about through any compromise on my part. I sadly realized that day, I couldn't serve YHWH and tell HIM who should be here.

Drive out the mocker, and strife will go out; Yes, quarrels and insults will stop.

They said to you that "In the last time there will be mockers . . .

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Words - Too Many Of Them

We can't individually resolve this on a social or national but in another way, we can. We do have the option to get it straight on a personal level, and if enough of us did that, we'd impact society. For now, though, I will use our social and national situations to prove my point. Nationally, we are a fiscal mess, and who is promising solutions? The same people that promised solutions 4 years ago and the same people that we know make promises they won't keep! Socially, we are a mess of reversed intolerance calling it tolerance. Socially, we are redefining everything but going on like it's the same ol' same ol'. Nothing is the same!
What we have is, society changing the meaning of words and inventing new buzz words that keep certain people in an uproar and other certain people feeling superior, and the "certain people" change sides with the political tide . . . which brings me back to the national promises. We already know, regardless of what's promised, it won't happen and it will be the "other party's" fault!
These situations both boil down to one word - WORD. Politicians don't expect to have to keep their word and their constituents don't expect the promises to happen, as long as there's the excuse of the "other party." Society is going to continue to divide and become more outrageous in their quest for "tolerance" until someone finally falls over their own big white elephant in the room, which brings me to my point. Redefining doesn't really change the circumstances or the views of most of the people, it just throws a new word out to argue over or an old word that offends everyone . . . Bring this all the way to the personal level, because let's face it, society is not a separate entity, it's made up of we, individuals, and Washington politicians are simply the embodiment of the desires of the people.
On a personal level it still boils down to WORD. Someone that keeps their word, and stands behind their word, doesn't have to redefine or pass blame for not keeping their word. I've also noticed, be it individually or socially, or politically, people that do not keep their word, use lots and lots of words to take the focus off of that fact! They aren't in politics, and they are few and far between in social movements, and actually they are just a pretty rare group, entirely. A person that keeps their word, is usually a person of few words!
Where there is much talk there will be no end to sin, but he who keeps his mouth shut does wisely. a Proverb of Holy Scripture

Monday, December 3, 2012

The Right Hand of Fellowship

I've heard that saying in reference to "church friendliness" and often those of us of Abrahamic covenant are offered the left hand of fellowship, but that's not the topic here today. I take Scripture literally, and by that, I don't mean I confuse symbolism. There is a difference between literal and figurative, but I believe there is not as much symbolism and figurative narration as folks would choose to believe. I've been amazed at the number of times in Scripture that we are told that Elohim takes us by our right hand. I've taken great comfort in this fact for a number of years, but this past week or so, I've also been convicted of a hard, hard reality. I'm recovering from a broken right arm, for the second time since June of this year, and in seeking and searching, I realized a very startling fact regarding the other time I broke it back in '99.
I'm left handed and the fact that it has been my right arm every time, has been curious. We naturally reach out in an attempt to catch ourselves or protect ourselves with our predominant hand. So why is my right arm taking a beating? Because in all three situations, I had let go of the hand of Elohim. I didn't realize I had until this last time, and it won't happen again, I pray, but it was a circumstance of reaching out to offer assistance, but not realizing I was only being used. Three times and by the same person! I don't mind being used, but it was cloaked in some sort of attempt toward fellowship. That's what I was missing. I so wanted to offer and extend the right hand of fellowship, that I offered it in the flesh . . . three times now in my ministry. The first time was less than a year after I began to facilitate an inner city mission. A family member in need had come to stay for a time, as a matter of fact, I was just finishing up the painting to open the doors of this mission, when I received the news of impending arrivals. Believing I was doing the "right thing" to help and I am still glad I helped, but I didn't discern the portions of the flesh that crept into the help . . .
Now, fast forward, 13 years. Ah, the number 13, the Christian numerologists call it rebellion or judgment or something bad. Anyway, I had already heard YHWH say that this door for family members relocating here, was not open. So, I hostessed while they searched neighboring addresses. As the opportunities continued to dwindle and the issues continued to escalate, it became abundantly obvious that no one's heart was in the work to which I'm called, myself included . . . I hadn't had a change of heart, I couldn't fit enough hours in the day. Hostessing and attempting to keep the peace was taking precedence over my other tasks and I was physically wearing down. By the first of June, some MS symptoms were appearing and not being one to sit down and give in, I continued to try to burn the candle at both ends. This resulted in a great evening at the goat auction, but a calamity in the unloading resulted in a broken arm, which put me on the injured reserve list for sure. Now, not only was I not getting everything done that needed to be done, I was certainly disadvantaged to an even greater degree.
That was through the time of this blog being suspended due to confusion. When I fell and broke my arm again the last day of September, I knew it was spiritual and I knew I needed an answer. With all the references in Scripture to being taken by our right hand and HIS right hand of protection. I'm so thankful HIS arm is not shortened and HE doesn't get broken.
I was told to call the neighbor and to be a witness unto Y'hshuwah. That I did, and when I got alone and into the Word, I found passage after passage of HIM taking HIS servant by their right hand. Well, I'm mended once again, better than either healing before, but like Jacob's limp, I have a reminder. If those who come are not interested in walking in covenant, there will be no peace keeping, I'll simply offer food and water for their continued journey.
I have set YHWH always before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.