Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Negative Confirmation

Usually, I'm a fairly upbeat person.  I place my hope in our Creator, so I really don't worry, much.  It is my understanding that worry leads to stress and negative perceptions that either never happen or becoming "self-fulfilling prophesies."  I've also come to accept that the only thing in life I can really change or control is me!  Folks gonna do what they want . . . My purpose is to serve my Heavenly Father, follow His Son, and let my light shine.

I am called to share The Good News, but I'm not called to argue about The Good News.  It's not all sunshine and roses, but I have abundant life.  As I've followed Messiah, I've learned a great many things along the way.  Everything has not gone the way I'd hoped in the natural, and yet again, my hope is in Him, and He changes not, nor can He fail.  It seems we all have certain hopes for our own life that is not part of His plan, and I'm so thankful He has spared me of some of the things I thought I wanted.  Then there is the hope we have in others, and they don't meet those hopes and make other choices.  I have come to realize there are more than a few people in my life that have made other choices, and yet there is a consistency that I've noticed.

It's taken me a few years to realize "negative confirmation" doesn't mean I've done the wrong thing, it usually means the narrow road is narrowing further . . .  I spent much of my life lacking any sort of self confidence, so I looked for approval, or rather; expected disapproval and tried to avoid it.  I didn't even consider hoping for respect, just hoped to avoid the glare and comments of disapproval.  Now, however; it seems when I've done something notable in service to my King, something negative comes right at me!

With great consistency, every time the ministry outreach is expanding or a new book is published, something in my personal life, i.e. family, gets crazy!  Without fail the negativity and/or problems roll in.  I now realize and have come to term this:  Negative Confirmation.  Just like the third law of physics recorded by Newton:   For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.